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All products have been recategorized in an effort to better represent our products and to help you and the end-consumer find and place products in the correct categories. This has been applied to the Murphy's website, CSV, Export Tool, and Web Services.

This goes beta on May 15th. Both Old Categories and New Categories will be maintained until July 1st for the CSV, Export Tool, and Web Services.

Every system is different and no one solution will work for everyone. You will need to evaluate what you currently have and work out a solution that will satisfy you. Here are a couple scenarios and steps and solutions that might help in implementing this.

1. If you visit our website and add products manually to your system without any automation then you should be able to just rename your current categories to the new ones, add categories that don't exist in your system that does in ours, and then manually start placing products in these new categories. If you want to add your old products to the new categories then you will have to manually do this. You can also create an automated solution against our CSV to do this all at once but will take some programming.

2. If you add products based on our CSV and automate this, then you will have to reprogram it to use the new categories.

3. If you use Web Services then you will have to reprogram it to use the new categories.